Jesus lever och är verksam idag!

Varje söndag delar vi vad han har gjort i våra liv den senaste veckan. Den här sidan uppdaterar vi nu och då med Jesushistorier som vi stöter på i vår gemenskap. Om du vill ha en historia bekräftad och tala med den som vittnat om den, eller höra fler historier är det bara att kontakta oss. Om du själv har ett vittnesbörd som du vill dela, skicka gärna ett mail till

Micael berättar om hur han såg Jesus varje kväll i över ett år.

Hans berättar om när han hört Guds röst.

Simon Ådahl berättar om hur han profeterade för några ateistiska affärsmän.

Michael Liliequist berättar om tecken och under i Bangalore, Indien.

Joel berättar om mirakler både i Mellanöstern och Sverige.

Joel och Micael pratar om tecken och under på Malmös gator.

Och Sirak Amanuel berättar om miraker han har sett i Tanzania.

Each sunday we share what Jesus has done in our life the latest week. A member of our church has written down many of these Jesus stories. We publich some of them below, however, we do not write the names of people generally. If you want a story confirmed and speak to the one that shared it, just contact us. And if you have a testimony that you want to share, send a mail to


January 30th 2011, a man in our church told us about how his little son had had severe pain in the stomach a week earlier. The boy was lying in his bed screaming in the middle of the night because of the pain, and he had been doing so for a while, his parents wondering if they perhaps should take him to the hospital. His sister suggested that they should pray for him. She wanted to sleep and thought that the brother’s cries were irritating. The man thought of course that it wasn’t a bad idea, so he laid his hand on his son and ordered the pain to leave him in the Name of Jesus. He told us that immediately, almost before he had finished the prayer, the boy became quiet. He then made himself comfortable and quickly fell asleep. His mother had gone to get some medicine, and she was surprised when she came in and saw that the boy lay there sneasing. The next day the stomach pain was totally gone.



In May 31st 2011 we were out in Gottsunda giving people coffee, talking with them and praying for them. A member of our church who has a prophetic gift talked to a man that did not believed in God but was really interested in our faith. When they had been speaking for a while the man with prophetic gift saw a darkness over the other man’s right eye, so he asked if he had bad vision in that eye. The man got chocked and asked how he could know that. Several years before he had gone through an operation and since then he ha limited vision in his right eye. But no one could see that he had this problem just by looking at it, so he did not understand how the Mosaik-member knew it. The man also shared that he had economic problems, and while he spoke the prophetically gifted man saw a vision where the man he spoke with drove a BMW. When he said this the man got stunned: it was is dream to have a BMW.


A man testified that he and his friend once prayed late at night in church of S:t Ansgar, Uppsala, in the beginning of the 1990’s. Suddenly, both of them heard the sound of rippling water. It came from the altar, and they had never heard it before. Amazed they went to the altar, listened carefully, knocked on it, examined it. The man went to one of the priests that were serving in the church and asked him if there was any form of pipeline under the altar. ”Under the altar?” the priest said, very surprised. ”Yes… does water go under there somehow…?” – ”No, it certainly doesn’t.” There was no natural explanation to the sound. And still it was there, and both the man from our church and his friend interpreted it as a sign for a coming revival that will stream across our country (John 12:37-39).


Once when a man from Mosaik was sitting in a cab, he felt that God told him that the cab driver was a bit sad, because he really wanted to be a chef instead. So he asked the driver if this was the case. The driver got chocked and asked ”Being chef has always been my dream! How could you know that?” The man explained that he is a Christian and sometimes Jesus tell him things about people. The driver got amazed, and after that they prayed together.


A Romanian brother that has visited our church from time to time told us that great miracles are happening in his homeland. About fourteen years ago, a Christian named Vervelas was expecting his fifth child. He and his wife had only doughters then, and he told her that he really wanted a boy. When they went to check at the hospital though, it turned out to be a girl. Vervelas cried out to God: ”Lord, make it a boy!” But God answered him: She is My gift to you. Recieve my gift.”

When the girl was born she looked like an angel. She had blond hair, blue eyes and bright red lips – not so ususal in Romania. Vervelas loved her so much and thanked God for her. God told him in a vision that her name should be ”Promise”.

When she was twelve years old, in spring of 2009, she got very sick. They took her to a hospital and when she had been there for a while, the doctors told her parents something devastating: she was going to day in just a couple of days. Vervelas refused to accept it. ”She is God’s promise to me and she will die when she is old or when God wants to take her!” He and his wife prayed constantly for three days. They did not eat nor drink, they just prayed. God spoke to Vervelas and said ”Now you want her? She was my gift to you, and now I take my gift back. You did not accept my gift, you wanted a son instead.” Vervelas cried out, deperatly: ”I don’t want a son! I just want my doughter to be alive!” God answered: ”She will live.” God had tested his faith and taught him to love his neighbours and recieve the gifts of God with joy.

After this, one of the doctors called and said that the girl had passed away. ”That’s impossible!” Vervelas cried. Totally crushed and confused, since God has said to him that she would live, he and his wife went to the hospital. When they arrived, they laid their hands on the dead body and prayed that she would come back to life. The physicians were convinced that Vervelas was crazy and told him to stop doing that, since they soon would take the body to the crematorium. But he and his wife continued to pray. And suddenly, the girl opened her eyes. One of the doctors immediately fell down on his knees and cried out ”What god is it that you have?! I want to know that god!” The doctors became Christians and Vervelas is today travelling around in Europe, testifying of this fantastic miracle.


January 2nd 2011, our missionaries in Ukraine who had went home over Christmas told us about their experiences in the church they have worked with there (Odessa Vineyard, Odessa). Even though they have had som problems of various kinds, there is one area in which God has blessed them very much: healing. Every saturday, they’re out on the streets praying for people. ”I’m not kidding when I say that 99-99.5 % – perhaps 100 – of those that we pray for get healed”, one of the missionaries said.

They gave us some examples, and time did not let them share all that they had witnessed this particular evening, but this is a part of what they said:

One time, the team from Odessa Vineyard asked if they could pray for two girls and a boy that were passing by. It turned out that both of the girls had scoliosis. When the team prayed, the girls shouted out ”Seriously, what is happening here?!” Their spines got perfectly straight there and then. The team also prayed for the boy, who told them that he had heart troubles. One of the missionaries that told us these stories met this guy some months afterwards, and he told him that since they prayed for his heart, he had not had any problems with it at all.

Another time, a lady in perhaps her sixties (though she looked older, being very poor and ill) came by. She was walking with a cane, and she had severe pain. The team asked if they could pray for her. All pain immediately disappeared, and she threw away her cane joyfully.

The team was allowed to pray for a young girl that had drug problems. She told them several months later that since that day, she didn’t have problems with drugs anymore.

Just a few weeks ago, the team asked a man that had problems with his knees if they could pray for him. He said ”No, I don’t believe that God can heal!” They insisted anyway. ”But I don’t believe!” – ”But please, let us try, it wont hurt.” Convinced that they were only wasting their time, he finally let them pray for his knees. He probably wanted to see their faces when they realized that nothing happened. Instead, he got chocked when he felt his knees become totally well in seconds. He walked crouched before, now he had no problems with walking at all.

Another one who didn’t want prayer at first was a lady that was passing by. A guy in the team who became a Christian quite recently (he got baptized just three weaks ago) said ”Come on, it really works!” She finally sat down, and it turned out that she had constant pain in her whole body that was so severe that she couldn’t even raise her arms above her head. During prayer in the mighty Name of Jesus, she got instantly, totally healed.

The two missionaries of ours are both leaders of a dance course, where they get to know people in the city. One time a man got hurt when they danced. The missionaries prayed for him, and he felt a heat coming from nowhere on the place where he had got hurt, and then he got perfectly well. Another time they prayed for a girl who had problems with her back. She also felt heat, and the back got totally healed.